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Mobius Band
The Loving Sounds Of Static
Ghostly International
10 song CD

The Mobius Band is one of those modern pop rock groups that doesn't fit into a prefab category very easily---therefore they get inevitable comparisons to Radiohead and the like, mainly because they aren't afraid to experiment with dynamics and electronic sounds.

Their latest effort---their first full length disc---has garnered a great deal of buzz in the past few weeks, as it firmly places the band right smack dab in the middle of the indie world map. Simply put, it's a pop masterpiece all wrapped up nicely in an abstract electronic rock coating.

The group never settles on doing things the easy way, as they avoid the standard pop cliches and structures, allowing their songs to grow and blossom in an almost random fashion. You don't feel like you've heard it all before, yet you're eager to sing along almost from the first time you play it. They've found their indie pop muse, and she couldn't have done them any better than this.

MISH MASH Mandate: Mobius Muse
Mobius Band Website

Friends Of Lizzy
Perfect Little Pieces
12 song CD


If the name immediately makes you think of Thin Lizzy, then just hold on to that thought---especially if it makes you happy. While I wouldn't be so bold as to make a direct comparison to Mr. Lynott's band, the guys in Friends Of Lizzy keep the rock-n-roll faith, much in the vein of the melodic hard rock of TL.

Don't jump to conclusions though, because these guys aren't simply re-hashing. The songs are fresh and exciting, embracing catchy pop structures and big guitars without apology (and even the occasional string section). They do it right, and they do it well.

It's a solid album, and a lot of fun to listen to. If you ever wonder what happened to rock, this one's for you.

MISH MASH Mandate: Poor Romeo
Friends Of Lizzy Website


The Midget
The Midget
Impko Records
10 song CD


Right away, it's hard to take this one too seriously. Once you get past the name, you're met by the whacked out banjo-based groove of the opening track, I Am A Song. From there it only gets goofier, as the song titles Lesbian Jeep and Drum-n-Banjo can attest.

The only thing subtle here is the approach, as many of the songs are built around acoustic instruments and the singing is done with an understated, almost spoken-word delivery.

It's quirky and fun, even though the novelty does begin to wear a little thin by the end. But then again, we are talking about banjos.

MISH MASH Mandate: Banjo Bandits
The Midget Website

Lindsey Yung
10 song CD

True to the album title, Lindsey Yung has taken a multi-faceted approach to her music, blending an eclectic mix of genres and styles into her own sound.

The end result combines pop, jazz, soul and electronica into a strangely mesmerizing musical collage. Her voice is at times soft and at others direct, but always powerful, and always the center of attention. The music is innovative, experimental, polished and highly produced, yet it never forgets who is the star, and it never overpowers Yung, opting instead to provide the perfect background for her to shine.

MISH MASH Mandate: Pop Fuse
Lindsey Yung Website

Tom Beaulieu
The Joker Paintings
Donkulus Digital
9 Song CD

Whoa, man, this is quite a throwback. Hang on a second while I fire up the bong, grab some incense & peppermints, and turn on the blacklight. OK, that's better.

Let's just say Tom Beaulieu was transported here directly from 1968 and the Summer of Love. He uncannily sounds like Willie Nelson singing for the Dead. And Beulieu is putting everything he has into tripping us out. Way out. He's quite convicing, and he's actually not bad at all. The old hippie apparently still has what it takes. Hats off to you, friend, and keep on truckin'.

MISH MASH Mandate: One More Saturday Night
Tom Beaulieu Website

Television Buzz
Treasure Chest
Glass Bag Records
4 song CD

Are you ready to rock? Boys and girls, this one needs to be played really loud. Television Buzz is a brand new band, fresh out of Athens, GA---and they don't sound anything like what you've heard from this quiet Southern town before now.
This is classic rock, old school style---the only thing that would make it better is a few explosions and a light show. Think of Kiss back when they were young and still exciting, and you'll get the picture.
Short and sweet, this EP is over way too quickly. Somebody needs to get these guys back in the studio while the fire is still hot. Smokin!

MISH MASH Mandate: Calling Dr. Love
Television Buzz Website

Heavy Wish
File 13 Records
10 song CD

Odiorne began as a side project for Mercury Rev's Jimy Chambers before he left in 1998, and now it has evolved into his full-time project with this debut album on File 13 Records.
The album is steeped in late-Beatlesque sensibilities, backing a rock sound with elaborate instrumentation (horns & strings), all the while avoiding standard pop structures.
This is one to grow on, as it doesn't reach out and grab you immediately. There's a lot going on, with layers of sound unpeeling and unraveling with each successive listening. Chambers' vocal style is understated and mysterious, sort of drifting along with the music without hogging the spotlight. In the end, it becomes just another brick in the wall of sound. Great stuff, and sure to stay in the player for hours on end.

MISH MASH Mandate: Wishful Thinking
File 13 Records Website

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