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Issue #35 October 2001

An Interview with Joe Bussard of
A Man And His Music, Part 2
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Pure Rubbish
Jennifer Daniels
Don Lewis Band

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Pure Rubbish
Pure Rubbish

Divine Recordings/Priority Records
4 song CD EP

Four high-school punks who herald Hanoi Rocks, The Dead Boys, and Guns N Roses as their heroes? No this isn't 1991, but 2001, and the teens of Pure Rubbish actually give those aforementioned sleaze rock legends a run for their money. Burning it up with a dual guitar assault (the likes of which hasn't been seen since Slash and Izzy) and plenty of snotty vocal attitude, these boys breathe yet another breath of life back into the chilled corpse of rock.

Hard to believe? Their originals Kiss of Death and Electric Heart rip along as good as anything on Appetite for Destruction, and the band even does an honorable cover of AC/DC's Let There Be Rock, a song which you shouldn't even attempt if you don't have 100% rock-n-roll backbone.

There's a lot of hype behind this little release--Ozzy and Lemmy both give it a thumbs up--and this short disc lives up to the praise and then some. This ain't Hanson, this is pure hi-octane gasoline. Let's just hope they don't let it go to their heads and self-destruct before their first full-length release, which should come sometime early 2002. Stay hungry boys, we're counting on you...

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Pure Rubbish Website

Miss Roboto

Manic Music
11 song CD

It's not often you see a band that is able to gather up all the influences of pop music for the past 20 years and mix them into one brilliant mishmash of a package. Petland seeks and destroys everything from Duran Duran to Nine Inch Nails to Fugazi, deconstructing the framework of popular music only to fill it again with their own blend of multiple personality rock. There's a hint of everything in here: 70s prog, 80s new wave, drum-n-bass, electronica, noise, and indie, among many others. They change gears from dissonance to beautiful melodies without missing a beat.

The band is at their best when they avoid the trappings of just being weird, like (Chase Scene), and concentrate on making great songs, evident on tunes like Hive and Magnetic Field. The band shows their true knack for contrast by following the noise-heavy Destruction with a quiet and off-kilter version of Under My Skin.

It takes skill to be this screwed up. This album should not work, but in the end that is what makes it so wonderful.

MISH MASH Mandate: Domo Arrigato

Petland Website


The Day We Let Go

Earthsign Records
11 song CD

I know what you're thinking, with a name like Patchouli, this has to be hippy-dippy music. Well, you'd only be half right. While this duet does have the surface appearance of a couple of freebirds, their music goes way beyond simple campfire songs. There is a remarkable amount of depth here, and it lends itself to the perfect blend of vocals between Bruce and Julie Patchouli. Julie lets her voice ride above Bruce, drifting and falling gently. Her range never gets too high, riding a middle ground that is warm and inviting.

The songs are heartfelt and emotive, from the nostalgic mood of the title track to the cool breezes of Autumn. The jumpy rhythms of The Woods paints a positive outlook, while Focus On The Lotus has a more hypnotic feel.

There is an overwhelming sense of honesty here, one that is refreshing, yet all too absent from most music these days.

MISH MASH Mandate: Mood Music

Patchouli Website


Jennifer Daniels
Dive & Fly

TNtrees Music
12 song CD

The voice of Jennifer Daniels has an unexplainable otherworldliness about it. It's dreamy and full of quiet comfort, much like Natalie Merchant, Sade or the Cranberries' Dolores Mary O'Riordan Burton. The music has a traditional feel which is unobtrusive, setting the tone more than anything else, freeing Daniels to explore the song through her vocals.

While the sounds blend and mix with wonder, it is easy to miss the lyrical poetry which is present, although it make take a few listens to discover the subtle lines: "Meaning in a mountain face, freedom in a kiss, and a voice of laughter echoes yours ever after you are gone, a voice as clear as all of this mountain water flows..." It is not often you will run into a work which is so filled with such simple beauty.

MISH MASH Mandate: Simply Irresistible

E-mail Jennifer Daniels


Don Lewis Band
Between the Lines

Squashed Mosquito Records
18 song CD

This is a roots rock epic from the Don Lewis Band, with 8 new tunes along with 10 culled together from previous releases. The band and the songs are both watertight, the guys rip them out one by one in effortless fashion, leaning hard on their acoustic/electric guitar combinations. It's a nice live sound, fitting for your neighborhood bar, as if Don Lewis and the boys were your best buddies every Friday and Saturday night.

As with most middle-of-the-road rockers, the group is not particularly breaking new ground here. They specialize in driving, standard-sounding rock tunes like Because of You or Wasted Time. They rarely stray from the formula, but it's hard to complain because they do it so well. Plus, Mr. Lewis has that heart-felt vocal timbre that reminds me of a mix of Jon Bon Jovi and maybe Jacob Dylan, a comforting voice that draws you right in immediately.

In other words, you're going to like this one in spite of yourself, so you might as well turn it up and enjoy.

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Don Lewis Band Website

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