Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra
La Semana

Spiral Subwave Records
12 song CD Where do you begin to describe the music of guitarist Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra? Leibert is a flamenco guitarist, yet with a twist, forming a new sound by blending other styles of music into the familiar rhythmic pulses of traditional flamenco. You can hear touches of pop, dance, funk and samba, wound together deftly by Liebert and his muse. At first listen, you hear the hand-claps and the staccato beats of the strings, and the mind automatically thinks flamenco. But, then, you realize the underlying rhythms are taking you in a different direction. Before you know it, the guitarist has taken you into a new realm of latin music, an amalgam of world music that has a unique flavor all its own. It's like jazz, a free-flowing experiment of melody flowing along the staid traditional music which is flamenco. At times aggressive, and at others slow and romantic, Liebert paints a gallery of musical landscapes like a seasoned artist. Each song on La Semana carries you further along the journey, passing scene by scene in a breath-taking tour.

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