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The Henry Clay People
Blacklist The Kid With The Red Moustache
12 song CD

The Henry Clay People describe their music as "sloppy rock and roll," and while that's a fair description, it hardly conveys the power and the sharp sense of humor that lies behind the said sloppy rock.

The reckless edge is what makes these guys so fun to listen to. The song titles and lyrics are purposefully sarcastic, using acerbic wit to wisk away the usual rock lyric banalities. How else do you explain a name like Elly Vs The Eczema Princess? The music is a mighty mix of all things indie rock, leaning mainly on big noisy guitars and heck-if-I-care vocals, the perfect end product of teen angst that's too smart for its own good.

MISH MASH Mandate:
The Henry Clay People Website

Death To Anders
Punctuate The Calamities
Darsonic Symphonic Productions
11 song CD


What would Fugazi sound like with a Southern accent? Perhaps it would be similar to Death To Anders, a band that wallows in crazed guitar dissonance and wailing vocals that twang even in the midst of their hysteria.

This is not simply a perversion of country music to the extreme, but a heaping helping of Southern Gothic played loud and proud, much like an early R.E.M. with a hell of a lot more aggression. There's plenty of anger and spit, but there's also a soft spirit that creeps in from time to time, creating a dynamic flow that rides in and out throughout the album.

MISH MASH Mandate: Mystery And Manners
Death To Anders Website

The Transmissions
Burning The Winner
10 Song CD


The Transmissions have a quirky and melancholy sound which reminds me a little of The Cure, steeped in the feel of 80s underground rock that keeps one foot firmly planted in depression.

The band goes for a larger than life sound, their songs presented with vocal dramatic flair and a wall of creeping guitars that seem to grow larger as the album progresses. Standard pop structures are mostly abandoned, as the songs meander and drift along almost aimlessly. The risk pays off, as the disc brings along the listener along for a wonderful ride.

MISH MASH Mandate: Wandering Spirit
The Transmissions Website

Rob Silvan
The Breathing Of The World: Songs Formed From The Words Of Sacred Poetry
13 song CD


This release from Rob Silvan takes a unique turn, putting together Sacred Poetry with music. An undertaking such as this is larger than life, and the result is simply profound. Words and melody intertwine in an introspective fashion, putting a twist on beautiful lines of poetry, set now in a new spiritual and musical light.

The poems come from a variety of authors and sources, including T.S. Eliot, Emily Dickinson, Yeats, and the Bible, among others. The music ranges from quiet classical to smooth jazz, giving the words/lyrics an unobtrusive platform to shine upon.

MISH MASH Mandate: Spirit In The Sky
Rob Silvan Music Website


Drakes Hotel
Tell Me Everything
Reverb Records
11 song CD


Amy Drake and Chris Y are the duo that make up Drakes Hotel, and they make a noise that's bigger than the sum of their two parts. Their blend of pop is powerful and driving, relying upon layers and layers of voices and sound to build a style which is larger than life.

Drake's vocals are right in the middle of the thick musical mix, striking and daring, while at the same time endearing. It's a voice caught somewhere between the rasp of Stevie Nicks and the mystery of Hope Sandoval, and it holds your attention completely. Meanwhile, Chris Y constructs his fortress of guitars and beats, making this album an unstoppable force.

MISH MASH Mandate: Flying Fortress
Reverb Records Website

The Great Plains
Well Dressed Records
9 song CD

Krestovsky's music shifts and simmers like a
humid summer day, radiating lazily off the hot pavement in a heated mist. It's a distinctly Southern sound that feels even more primitive with the somewhat lo-fi production approach, and his voice holds the nasal whine of Michael Stipe and Neil Young.

The album drifts along without ever actually going anywhere in particular, taking a circular journey that seems to be content with wandering in the wilderness. While we never quite reach the Promised Land, at least we're having a heck of a trip.

MISH MASH Mandate: Southern Drift
Krestovsky Website

Days Of Twang
18 song CD

German band Dephazz approach their acid jazz in a decidedly European fashion, merging together their laid-back dance grooves with a collage of cut-n-paste sound effects and samples. It's a classy and sophisticated sound that still likes to have fun in the end.

The "twang" is a nod to the classic sounds of early rock-n-roll guitar, occasionally popping up from time to time amongst the innumerable musical styles and influences which permeate the album. Fun and flavorful with the right touch of class, this one is sure to stay in your player all summer long.

MISH MASH Mandate: Acid Trip
Kriztal Website

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