Rock Your Party With Laservibe


If you are a DJ, or if you're in a band, and you're looking for a simple and inexpensive light show---LASERVIBE is your answer. The concept is very basic: you plug the unit into an output source (like a mixing board or stereo) and turn it on. Now you have a laser light show that moves to the beat of your music. That's it, no harder than that.

I was skeptical of the Laservibe unit when I first opened the package of the demo unit. It's just a small, pyramid-shaped plastic box with two knobs on one side and a small window on top. So, I decided to start off with a simple test, just to see if it's as easy and impressive as the company claims. I reached over and plugged it into the output of my portable CD player. Laser light started dancing on the wall right in front of me, keeping perfect time with the music. Not only did it work, it worked quickly---not even 5 minutes out of the package.

Then I began a more rigorous test. I hooked it up to the outputs of a Mackie mixer, and sent a variety of music through it---everything from bossa nova to Van Halen to the Beastie Boys. I played with the two gain knobs and got a variety of laser sizes and movements. A few things became clear after a few minutes of testing: The music needs to have a lot of bass for the laser to really move, and the unit needs to be about 20 feet from the wall to get a good, highly visible effect. In other words, the Laservibe will do best in a big room, being fed a steady diet of bass-heavy hip-hop beats.

The truly convenient part is that the Laservibe comes with everything you need---three different input cables, a DC power cord, instructions, and a small rotating stand. The only thing I found lacking was the small compartment for the optional 9 volt battery. I could barely pack the battery into the tiny hole.

All in all, this is a great product which provides a lot of punch for under $100. That's a laser light show worth raving about.


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