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Issue #44 August 2002

Matthew Zachary
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Doctor Pocket
Moses Guest
David Linhart
Tracy Husky
Kirstin Candy

Doctor Pocket
Turn It Around

DP Records
11song CD

Doctor Pocket dutifully embraces a variety of rock genres, evoking a California-styled cool which keeps this melting pot of pop alive. They bounce from power pop to hard rock, throwing in a little groovy funk now and then, all with the spirit of a free-flowing jam band. The guitars are crisp, the vocals are clean and clear, and the drums are sharp. In other words, this disc is about as slick as you can get. At times they remind me of the fusion once heralded by the Dan Reed Network (Slickbyrd), while at others they come across like Dave Matthews with an edge (Up The Steps ). This disc is a great deal of fun, and they sound like they are really into their sound. What a way to wind out the summer.

MISH MASH Mandate: Put It In Your Pocket...Donít Let Nobody Hock It

Doctor Pocket Website

Moses Guest
Moses Guest

Aufheben Records
17 Songs on 2 CDs

At first glance, it would seem easy to simply pigeonhole Moses Guest as just another band emulating the jammed-out sounds of The Grateful Dead. Yet, they add a special dash of Southern rock to their mix, creating a style that fuses the best of hippie flower power and down-home rock-n-roll. There are hints of the Allman Brothers and maybe even a little bit of Skynyrd along the way, adding a little more fire to the laid back groove rhythms. The end result is a captivating and sprawling epic, spread across two long-playing CDs. Like most self-indulgent jam sessions, the meandering melodies can start to wear thin, but the band keeps it in focus without going on too many tangents. If anything, though, the discs only create a hunger to see the band perform live, for itís obvious a stage is the best setting to experience these guys.

MISH MASH Mandate: Wholly Moses

Moses Guest Website


Mason Management
10 song CD

Emo and modern rock collide in an eclectic mix to create the sound of Cinema8. The band rides along with soaring pop melodies delivered in an oh-so-serious fashion, holding the course with big guitars and emotional vocal lines. They open up the disc with the dramatic Icarus, which leads into the solid rhythm punch of Thoughts of You. From there, they show sensitivity in Give In To Love and Piece of You. But, the band really shines during the offbeat rock of Bleed, which avoids the standard structure for a more dynamic and intense sound, in the vein of Radiohead.

MISH MASH Mandate: Dramarama

Cinema8 Website

David Linhart
Lines Into Circles

Uplifters Foundation
14 Song Cd

David Linhart wears his passions on his sleeve. His acoustic guitar-based songs are brilliant and evocative, conjuring up the spirits of Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley. Linhart has a style of his own; his guitar pops and jerks with subtle rhythmic jabs, while his voice quietly flows along the surface to create a whispering melody. The combination is perfect, and it only borrows politely from the aforementioned influences when necessary. The songs run from the mysterious gentleness of Matches & Gasoline to the aggressive optimism of Resolution. Along the way, Linhart challenges his audience with musical minimalism and lyrical activism, leaving his soul bared in the process.

MISH MASH Mandate: Show Me Your Soul

Tracy Husky
Capture My Flag

New Shiner Music
3 Song CD EP

Tracy Husky is made up of three members, none of which is named Tracy or Husky, and their sound borrows heavily from early indie rock pioneers such as R.E.M. and the post punk angst of Husker Du and The Pixies. The Huskys' demo shows off a true knack for jangly guitars and whiny vocals, especially in the title track. It's a wonderful little pop song that bops along with frenetic energy, taking us back to the underground sounds of the mid-80s. The other two tracks are not quite as polished or memorable, but all three pique enough interest to see what these guys could do with a full-length release.

MISH MASH Mandate: Jingle My Jangle

Tracy Husky Website

Kirstin Candy
Simply Acoustic

Escalator Records
6 song CD EP

Put together to show off her acoustic sets, Kirstin Candy's Simply Acoustic finds its beauty in simplicity. The songs are presented with basic piano and guitar lines, with Candy carrying the melody with her vocals. She sounds like a cross between Harriet Wheeler and a low-key Macy Gray, able to go from a quiet whisper to a soulful exclamation in mere seconds flat. The songs glide with a laid-back feel, relaxed and dreamy in their execution. The bare presentation exoposes the songwriting in stark detail, and nothing is able to get lost in the mix. The honesty is refreshing, and Candy's voice is simply mesmerizing.

MISH MASH Mandate: Candy Everybody Wants

Kirstin Candy Website

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