Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution
A Call To Arms

You say you want a revolution. How long has it been since there was a real revolution in popular music? Some would say ten, others 20 or 30 years since the music world was turned on its proverbial ear. If the Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution have their way, the new movement will begin the summer of 2002. Just how will they take over? With a panoply of acoustic instruments, a wall of sound formed by guitar, horns, strings and drums. Don’t worry, this is not a watered down acoustic set a la MTV’s Unplugged, this is raw and unmitigated rock and roll.

On the EP A Call To Arms, the band is presented as a “collective,” a revolving door of musicians who come and go as needed for their musical tasks, all under the lead of singer/songwriter Tomas Kalnoky. The sound is rich and full, leaning on influences that range from traditional European progressions to ska-inspired rhythms. Kalnoky’s vocals rise energetically above the musical tide, calling his band members forward with a pure punk attitude. The drums drive the beat along on Here’s To Life as the horns blare like a marching band gone mad. A more subtle tone begins the song Dear Sergio, which sheds it’s quiet intro for aggressive angst, while It’s A Wonderful Life springs to life with an ironic positive twist. It all breaks loose on They Provide The Paint For The Picture Perfect Masterpiece That You Will Paint On The Insides Of Your Eyelids, an over-the-top track that bounces along with a spellbinding sound. It is pure musical anarchy, living up to its demented title.

Almost as stunning as the music is the anti-establishment packaging. Two pieces of cardboard and a strip of black duct tape provide the jewel case, while a colorful Soviet-styled sticker is emblazoned across the front as the cover art. A booklet inside provides band information in the form of a “Manifesto,” giving all the details on how fans and other musicians can join the revolution. The creativity and effort is unbelievable, and it makes the concept even more impressive.

Is this the new revolution? We can only hope so...

Coming soon, an interview with Tomas Kalnoky of The Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution

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